Below are guidelines explaining how the interior design process will be done by us.

Step One: A Visit to Your Home

A visit to your home will help us understand how the space you want designed looks and how it will be used. During this visit we will take photographs of your home so we can refer to it as your space is designed. At this time we will have a conversation with you as to what colors you like, how you want to use the space, what style you prefer, what furniture you want to keep plus anything else you want to share with us that you’d like for the space.

Step Two: At Our Office

Upon reviewing and interpreting all the information obtained during our visit to your home, we begin planning the textures, colors, fabrics, carpeting, furniture and any other element in the design of your home.

Step Three: We Return to Your Home

Now we are ready to meet where you will receive a presentation of the concepts that have been put together for your home, including, but not limited to, fabrics, furniture, wallpapers, window treatments, floor coverings, lighting.

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